Extended Exam Time for Multilingual Students

Extended Exam Time and Verbal Clarification of Exam Questions for Multilingual Students

Extending exam time and providing verbal clarification of exam questions for first- and
second-year multilingual students is a Good-Will Policy at St. Olaf. It is solely
the professor’s discretion whether to provide time-and-a-half for exams for a student who
is still developing fluency in writing in English.

This Good-Will Policy reflects research that shows that writing is the last skill in which multilingual
students become fluent. The Good-Will Policy also reflects that students are adjusting culturally
as much as they are linguistically during their first two years at St. Olaf.

  • Extra exam time and verbal clarification of exam questions would be considered
    appropriate if a student could “show what they know” if given a little more time to
    process in English.
  • Please understand that the decision to allow extra time and provide verbal clarification
    for multilingual students rests entirely with you, the professor.
  • Accommodations for multilingual students are not legally required; this is a procedure of good-will.
  • A letter of advocacy from the Academic Support Center is not required nor will be provided.
  • Whenever possible, if granted extra exam time, a multilingual student should take the exam
    in the same room as the rest of the students, and either begin early or stay late in that
    room, or finish in the professor’s office. The Academic Support Center does not provide
    alternate testing rooms for multilingual students.
  • After the first two years, multilingual students are expected to complete exams under normal
    conditions as part of meeting the learning outcomes of a St. Olaf education.