Biomolecular Science


Biomolecular Science incorporates a wide range of traditional scientific fields. Expanding interest in the intersections of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, psychology and physics has led to the development and growth of new scientific areas. Biochemistry and molecular biology have been recognized as interdisciplinary sciences for many years. Newer on the scene are fields such as bioinformatics, molecular evolution, and biophysical chemistry.

The St. Olaf concentration in biomolecular science will appeal to any student who is seeking an understanding of the core sciences of biology and chemistry, but who wishes to pursue an integrated selection of upper level courses, or to apply the study of biology and chemistry to a different major. The quarter-credit Explorations in Biomolecular Science course introduces concentrators, and other interested students, to the breadth of this scientific area. An experiential learning component takes biomolecular science out of the traditional classroom and enables students to explore its applications in fields such as medicine, agriculture, genetics, and forensics.

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