Did You Know?

It’s a Fact: St. Olaf College is ranked fourth among 217 baccalaureate liberal arts colleges nationwide in the number
of graduates who go on to earn Ph.D.s in chemistry during 1994-2003.

By the Numbers

  • St. Olaf’s chemistry program is nationally recognized for innovative and effective teaching, for scholarship and for service to the profession.
  • The program’s national reputation is reflected in the fact that from 2003 to 2008 the Chemistry Department received $3,500,000 in external grant support.
  • 4% to 8% of St. Olaf graduates are chemistry majors and we consistently graduate 40-45 chemistry majors each year.
  • We are always in the top three undergraduate institutions for the number of chemistry majors graduated in a year.
  • The National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates shows that St. Olaf ranked fourth among four-year colleges in the number of chemistry Ph.D.s produced between 1994-2003.
  • More than 50 students are employed each year as laboratory assistants, tutors, stockroom workers and paper graders.
  • Over the last 5 years, 40-45% of St. Olaf chemistry majors were women.
  • About 30% of St. Olaf chemistry majors attend graduate school and about 35% attend professional school (medical, dental, veterinary).

What do we mean by Special Program Features?

 Special Opportunities to talk with speakers – this year the S-STEM scholars met with …

  • Dr. Freeman Hrabowski III, President of University of Maryland – Baltimore County
  • Dr. Kenneth Manning, Professor of the History of Science, Harvard University
  • Dr. Eric Jolly, President of Science Museum of Minnesota

 Cadre of students to attend talks (the ones above and…)

  • Redefining Environment & The Human Consequences of Climate Change:John Frances, founder of Planetwalk a non-profit environmental awareness organization
  • It’s Time for Action on Climate Change & Climate Change: the Defining Challenge of our Time:James R. Lyons, VP for policy and communications at Oxfam America
  • Election Issues Karen Saxe, Macalester College

Mentoring and Professional Development

  • Do you have a summer job or research position lined up? Drop-in discussion with faculty about summer opportunities
  • STUDY BREAK! Informal gathering of students and faculty with sharing of study tips in preparation for finals.

Field Trips

  • Medtronic, Inc. Fridley, MN
  • Camp Omega, Waterville, MN
  • River Bend Nature Center, Faribault, MN
  • Minnesota High Tech Association Spring Conference: The Changing Face of Business & Technology Leadership Strategies for Today’s Uncertain Economy, Minneapolis Convention Center
  • Bell Museum and LSAMP Keynote Address, University of MN: The Healing Forest: The Origin and Discovery of Natural Organic Medicines from the Forbidden Forests of Africa and the Amazon in Peru, Eloy Rodriquez, PhD, Cornell University