Spartan Student

Spartan Student Installation Instructions

 1.  Set up and connect to the St Olaf VPN if not on campus.  If on campus, make sure you are connected to Eduroam NOT St. Olaf Guest Wifi.

      NOTE:  If you are off campus, you must have your VPN active to use Spartan Student, even after it is installed.  

2.  Download Spartan Student Edition V.8 for Windows or Mac.  If you are having trouble with this link, try to right click on the link and select “open link in new tab” and follow the instructions from there.

3.  Follow the installations instructions and when prompted to “Select Licensing Option”
choose “Network” and click next

4.  When prompted for the “License Server” enter

5.  Click “Next” and follow the rest of the prompts until installation is complete.