Center for Integrative Studies

Established in 1999, the Center for Integrative Studies (CIS) continues St. Olaf’s long-standing commitment to providing opportunities for students to make meaningful connections among the many parts of their college careers, and to emphasizing the links between students’ academic studies and experiences on campus and in other communities.

In the CIS “integrative studies” refers to the intentional combination of diverse methodologies, experiences, subject matters, learning styles, and resources. Individual students may use integrative studies to develop an individual major that satisfies their educational goals.

Senior News – Class of 2014!

Sudip Bhandari ’14 has been awarded a Humanity in Action Fellowship for his work with the Anne Frank Project Nepal. (Read more in St. Olaf News)

Tara Reyelts ’14 has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in African Studies at Michigan State University.