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While Individual Majors give students the opportunity to integrate diverse resources in their plans for a major, the required Web Portfolios allow them to demonstrate that integration, and the coherent, meaningful relations among the different kinds of work and experiences they undertake. The Web Community is also the online learning community of the CIS, where students can link their web portfolios to those of their peers and to outside resources.
Current students’ web portfolios are required to go “live” by midway through their senior year. Portfolios linked on this page will continue to change throughout the academic year. Portfolios must include the original proposal in some form, significant coursework, a representation of the senior project, and an annotated bibliography. A finished portfolio is required in early May in order to certify the individual major as complete.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these web portfolios are strictly those of the portfolio authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the faculty, staff, or other students of the Center for Integrative Studies or St. Olaf College. Student web portfolios, required of each individual major in the CIS, are subject to review but are not edited or censored.

Class Of 2015

Tasha Viets-VanLear
Black Expression and Artistic Performance
Elly Wagnild
Body and Mind: Wholeness through Movement
Missy Wilm
Marriage and the Wedding: Institution, Tradition, and Ritual
Ben Beito
Architectural Studies
 Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.14.43 PM
Emily Stets
Public Mental Health: Wellness and the Arts
Sheridan Blanford
Activities and Sports Administration
Nicole Newell
Practicing Theology: Ways of Being in the World
stofacesMegan Fellows
Biomedical Approaches to Health and Disease
dehenc  Calen Dehen
Business Practices in Health Care
Dan Frankenfeld
Philosophy of Management and Leadership


Class of 2016

Sydney Mason
Elementary Education: Children in School
Jenessa Wieser Cultural Considerations in Organizational Collaboration
jeannyffer2Jeannyffer Campos
Studies in Sustainable Architecture and Design
Nathaniel Glewwe
Technical Theatre: Design and Education
Ambele Mwamelo
Public Health: Gender and Cultural Dynamics
Elisabeth Sepulveda
Cognition, Problem Solving, and Education
Jake Westerberg
Cognitive Neuroscience: Cells to Systems
Afton Wolter
Management and Media Relations: Marketing through Design
alscher David Alscher  Archaeology and Ancient Cultures  bocoumSoukeyna Bocoum Global Health Studies
Molly Dietrich
Social Entrepreneurship
hoar Emily Hoar
Film Analysis and Criticism
maswanganyi Pumla Maswanganyi
African Identities in Media and Development


Class Of 2017

Griffin Edwards
International Development