For Students


  • Make every effort to attend when your family invites you to do something. They will understand if you can’t make it because of your studies or other commitment, but try to work out an alternative time instead of just saying ‘no’.
  • Promptly return phone or email messages left by your family.
  • Feel free to sometimes initiate the call to your family. Don’t make them always be the ones to invite you. There are many campus events (sports, concerts, plays, etc.) that don’t cost anything and that you could enjoy doing together. Especially be sure to invite them if you are a participant in any events. Families also enjoy getting a call now and then just to ‘touch base’.
  • Ask questions. You may be unsure of what to call your hosts, how to dress for an event, whether to help clean up after a meal, etc. When in doubt, ASK!! They won’t be offended, and it will help you become comfortable more quickly.
  • Be patient – all relationships take time. If your first meetings with your Friendship family feel a bit awkward, don’t worry. Once you get to know each other better, you will know what to expect and things should become much easier.


  • Expect your family to provide housing for you over breaks, give you rides to go shopping or be picked up from the airport, or to store items for you. They may offer to do this, and that’s fine, but they are under no obligation to do so.
  • Ask your family to help you with financial needs, legal matters, visa, or immigration issues, serious medical or personal problems.  Please speak with Kelly Deutschman, International Student Coordinator, if you need help.