Requirements for the Management Studies Concentration

Management Studies is a multi-disciplinary program offering a contract concentration in Management Studies that can be earned in conjunction with any academic major.

The Management Studies Concentration is arranged by individual contract.

The concentration includes:
(1) a five-course program of study;
(2) two Experiential Learning requirements; and
(3) a Capstone website, practice interview, and networking participation.

I. Course Requirements

Students meet with a member of the Management Studies faculty to develop a five-course program of study which includes three core and two elective courses. Core courses for the Management Studies Concentration include Economics 121, Management Studies 225 and 251. Electives include an additional management studies course and an approved course from another department on campus or a study abroad program. The following handout provides a list of accepted Management Studies Concentration Electives from outside the department.

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all of the five courses. These five courses cannot be taken S/U. The student must also declare the Management Studies Concentration with the Registrar.

II. Experiential Learning

The Management Studies Concentration includes two required experiences in which the student can apply management or financial principles to real world problems. These are:

  1. A required internship or approved significant work experience and
  2. An experiential learning activity (second work experience, volunteer, entrepreneurial, or leadership experience, etc.)

SeeĀ Sample Experietial Activities here!

The Piper Center for Vocation and Career provides a variety of resources and support to assist students with these requirements.

The following handouts provideĀ Resources for Completing the Management Studies Concentration requirements and a Recommended Timeline.

III. Capstone Requirements

Students are required to attend the Capstone Project Workshop and complete a capstone project in their senior year to get started on the career planning process, identify career options and access opportunities.

The Spring 2015 Capstone Project Workshop will be on Thursday, April 9th at 11:30am in TOH 214.

Working closely with the Piper Center and Management Studies faculty, students will complete the following
Experimental Learning Activities including:

  1. Synopsis of two required informational interviews
  2. A website demonstrating your skill set (submit URL through Moodle)
  3. A practice interview with Piper Center staff

The following handouts provides specific requirements for the completion of the Management Studies Capstone 2015-2016 and Management Studies Capstone 2016-2017.

The Capstone is presented using Moodle and a website. By interconnecting important pieces in a digital medium, students can demonstrate the interrelatedness of their varied learning experiences. Each website requires that students demonstrate their skills by linking artifacts to their site, so it is STRONGLY recommended that you save your coursework and other materials (papers, projects, etc.) throughout your time at St. Olaf so that you may have a large pool of options to choose from.
Below are some links to resources that you can access to help you with the website process:

Portfolio materials will be evaluated through a holistic assessment of the materials and the ability for the student to effectively highlight the individual transferable skills they have acquired throughout their time at St. Olaf. The rubric below broadly outlines the expectations for the folder.

Management Studies Portfolio Rubric