Post Office Box Stuffing Policy

Due to the double occupancy and limited space of the St. Olaf College student post office boxes, there are restrictions for stuffing. These restrictions are:

  • Only St. Olaf College sponsored items may be mass stuffed. Sponsoring group must be listed on the stuffed item.
  • Paper must NOT be smaller than 1/4 sheet of paper.
  • Non-St. Olaf College sponsored articles such as campaign flyers, advertisements, or items for sale must be individually labeled with the student/staff/faculty name and stuffed by the responsible party.
  • All materials sent through campus mail should be alphabetized and bundled. Please keep faculty/staff mail separate from student mail.
  • Large stuffings should be done by the responsible department staff. Since morning hours are quite busy with distributing US mail, departmental staff will be allowed into the post office after 1pm.