How to Make a Reservation using the R25 Webviewer

  • On the main college webpage there is a “quicklink” pulldown on the upper right portion of the page.
  • Pull down to “R25 room reservations” that will take you to the room schedule (make sure in the blue box, under filters, you have “STO Viewable Rooms” selected to see all spaces)
  • Go across to your time first (bold times are p.m.) then down to your room. If the room is available it will be white… gray areas are already reserved. click on the box you are looking at for time and room…
  • At this time you will be prompted to sign into the system (typical St. Olaf sign in) and then the form will come up. Check to make sure the time range is correct even though it auto fills. Fill in the required data in red… and then for repeat dates check weekly and put in an end date of December 13th for first term. If you are not meeting every Sunday, you need to omit dates you are not meeting (rooms should not sit empty if reserved). That may mean you need to send me a reservation request every week, 48 business hours in advance (by Wednesday) unless you are definite about meeting every week.

Once this is done you will get an automatic response in your email saying the request was sent to the schedulers. Once it is reserved (or denied) you will get a second email with that information.