Alternate Format Text

Who uses alternate format texts?

  • Students whose documentation describes barriers to reading text in a typical way and who could benefit from having books in an audio format

In which alternate formats are texts available?

Disability and Access staff will determine which format is available for each book you request.

  • Read and Write Gold — a toolbar resides on the desktop and is accessible while using any software on your computer. Read and Write provides speech-to-text, text-to-speech, mp3 creation, and many more features
  • LearningAlly – audio of your textbook, read by a human voice. Available for Windows or Mac, as well as on any iDevice or registered DAISY player. Learning Ally accounts are only available to students with qualifying print disabilities
  • VoiceDream — An iOS application capable of reading PDFs while highlighting the words
  • Braille — Required readings, tests, and quizzes can be embossed in-house in most cases
  • Large print — Required readings, tests, and quizzes can be made available in large print

How can I prepare before each semester?

Be ahead of the game! As soon as you the book lists are posted:

1.      Buy your books and deliver them (or have them mailed directly) to Disability and Access (DAC), Tomson Hall, suite 153 (c/o Laura Knobel-Piehl)

2.      Keep your original email or paper receipts, and bring them into DAC with your books

DAC will look through your request form to see if alternate texts are available before cutting the binding and scanning the book. Cutting the binding will be the last resort. If cutting is needed in order to scan the book, DAC will have your book rebound with spiral binding at no charge to you.

All textbooks will be returned to you.