CAAS Academic Strategy Workshops


All workshops will be pre-recorded and linked by the date provided.  In order to view the video workshops please make sure you are logged into your St. Olaf email account.

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Planning for Success: A Finals Study Plan (in person workshop- TOH 210): 

Thurs. May 5th
11:30-12:00 and 4:00-4:30
TOH 210

First time taking and studying for finals?  Want to avoid cramming?  Want to start planning earlier so you are prepared when finals are here?   Attending this workshop will provide you with a plan to take the stress out of preparing for finals.  Start now to prepare your body and mind for success with this IN PERSON workshop.

Tools: Finals Planning Calendar & CAAS Countdown to Finals (daily tips to prepare you for finals)

4 Year Planning and Registration Tips

This is a recording of a virtual workshop to help students create a 4 year academic plan. Helpful links for registration and 4 year planning are provided in the presentation slides that are provided to accompany the recording.  Click here to access the slides for this presentation.  (If you have trouble accessing the recording, please scroll down to log in with your google account.)

Using Google To Organize Your Life

Click through this presentation to learn about using Google Keep for notes/reminders, getting started with Google Calendar, organizing your documents in your Google Drive, and cleaning up and keeping your inbox organized.

Helpful Academic Resources for St. Olaf Students

This is a self-paced module meant to provide you with some helpful resources (campus and web-based).  The presentation will provide resources for time management, studying, organization, writing, research, and self-care.

Making Friends in Classroom

Want to make connections with your classmates, but just don’t know how to start?  In this recorded workshop Steve Romenesko, SSSD Advisor, talks about the different types of friendships, how to start a conversation with someone in class, and develop a budding friendship on campus.

Improving your College Reading Techniques

Yes, you already know how to read!  This workshop is meant to help you retain information more efficiently and effectively as you read college level texts.  Through this recorded session, Tara Hupton, Assistant Director of Student Success, will explain five different college reading strategies proven to help maintain focus while and maximizing retention.

Taking and Using Effective Notes

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could take better or more effective notes? Why are effective note taking skills important? Better notes will help you remember concepts, develop meaningful learning skills, and gain a better understanding of a topic. Whether you are sitting in a lecture hall or watching a lecture online, effective note taking can even lead to less stress when test time comes around!  Watch Nekeidra Morrison, Advisor, Academic Coach and Student Success Advisor, provide concrete examples of how to improve your note-taking skills in this recorded workshop.

Learning and Study Strategies in Science

Get advice from one of our CAAS’s Lead Science Tutors, Maria Landherr on how to succeed in science classes.  In this workshop, Maria provides tips on how to best study and learn in your science courses through sharing some best practices for studying and learning with science-specific examples.  Don’t miss the end where Maria shares resources for support and online science apps/websites to help you deepen your understanding of science content.

I’ve Failed a Test…Now What?

Maybe you felt confident walking into the testing room. Maybe you forgot to study or simply don’t understand the material. In this recorded workshop Nekeidra Morrison, Advisor Academic Coach and Student Success Advisor, will cover ways to recover after a poor test or assignment.

If you have questions or ideas about future workshops please contact:

Tara Hupton
phone: 507-786-2129