CAAS Academic Workshops


All workshops will be pre-recorded and linked by the date provided.  In order to view the video workshops please make sure you are logged into your St. Olaf email account.

For great resources and videos on wellness, visit the Wellness Center website.


Thriving in a Hybrid World

          Workshop Resources:  Schedule Template; Pomodoro Method of Studying

Organization Tips from Organized Oles

          Workshop Resources: Google Calendar Basics; Tips on how to use Google Calendar

Strategies to Stay Focused

          Workshop Resources: Link to request an Accountability Tutor

How (and Where) to Ask for Academic Help; an intro to CAAS

          Workshop Resources : Center for Advising and Academic Support (CAAS) webpage

Improving your College Reading Techniques

          Workshop Resources: Video on Active Reading Strategies; Active Reading Strategies handout

Math & Science Study Strategies
Music Study Strategies

          Workshop Resources: ;                 ;                    

Tips for Learning/Studying a New Language
Rock the Note – Taking and Using Effective Notes

          Workshop Resources:  Note Taking Abbreviations; Cornell Note Taking; CAAS services

Tips on Proofreading your Paper

          Workshop Resources: Grammar Resources Handout; UNC Tips & Tools

Finishing Strong: Planning for Finals

        Workshop Resources: Daily Tips for Finals; Pomodoro Method of Study; 2-minute calmFinals Planner; Daily Schedule; Weekly To Do List; Test Taking Strategies; 


If you have questions or ideas about future workshops please contact:

Tara Hupton
phone: 507-786-2129
TTY: Dial 7-1-1 for MNRelay
Schedule a meeting with Tara