2023 Alumni Awards


2023 Alumni Award Winners

Distinguished Alumni Award

Alumni Achievement Award

The Board of Regents of St. Olaf College and the St. Olaf College Alumni Association, in recognition of outstanding achievements, bestow the St. Olaf Alumni Awards on those alumni whose accomplishments have brought honor to self and to the college; whose service and leadership have exemplified its ideals; and whose concern for St. Olaf has supported and strengthened its program.

The Alumni Awards serve several purposes
  • To honor alumni who exemplify the fulfillment of the college mission
  • To inspire students and alumni through alumni achievement and volunteer service
  • To engage or re-engage alumni through the Alumni Awards process
  • To exhibit and publicize the success of the college program as reflected by its alumni
  • To encourage support of the college program from alumni and parents, through achievements of alumni that exemplify the strengths and benefits of St. Olaf’s liberal arts program
St. Olaf bestows the following awards
  • Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Alumni Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Service Award
Award Details

Nominations Due: February 24, 2024
Final Selection: May 2024
Award Ceremony: November 2024


Please email alum-office@stolaf.edu or call 888-865-6537.