Courses that Count Toward American Studies

Approved List for American Studies


  1. Some courses may have prerequisites.
  2. You may discover other courses you think might contribute to an American Studies major. If so, talk to the instructor about course content and then check with the Director of American Studies to see if the course could be approved for your major.
  3. If a course is listed as requiring permission of the instructor, you need to let that professor know you are taking the course for American Studies credit. In response the professor may require you to focus portions of your class work, such as papers or presentations, on the United States.

Fall 2018

  • AMCON 110: American Stories, Carlos Gallego, Colin Wells
  • AMCON 201 A,B: Remaking America, 1865-1945, Marc David, DeAne Lagerquist
  • AMST 207: Rock and Roll and Rebellion, David Castro
  • ECON 242: Environmental Economics, Seth Binder
  • ECON 374: Money and Banking, Paul Wojick
  • ECON 376: Labor Economics and Employment Relations, Mark Pernecky
  • EDUC 260: Foundations in Education, Courtney Humm
  • ENGL 205: American Racial and Multicultural Literatures, Samantha Majhor
  • ENGL 209: Arab American Literature and Film, Linda Mokdad
  • ENGL 275: Literature and Film, Bjorn Nordfjord
  • ENGL 276: Literature and the Environment, Mark Allister
  • ENGL 280B: Topics in Genre the Gothic Tradition, Sean Ward
  • ES/PS 276: Environmental Politics, Joshua Anderson
  • ENVST 232: Environmental Policy and Regulations, Seth Binder
  • ENVST 270: Natural and American Landscapes, Matt Rohn
  • FILM 101: Introduction to Film Studies, Linda Mokdad
  • FREN 273: Period Studies, Maria Vendetti
  • HIST 182: America Since 1945, Judy Kutulas
  • HIST 198: America to 1865, Christopher Elias
  • HIST 270: Sem: Masculinity in America, Christopher Elias
  • PACON 280: Public Affairs I: Foundational Debates, Jamie Schillinger, Michael Gottsegen
  • PHIL 253: Democracy: Rule of the Ignorant? Michael Fuerstein
  • REL 390: American Identities: Religion, Race and Gender

Interim 2019

  • ART 261: O’Keeffe’s Art and New Mexico, Matthew Rohn
  • EDUC 170: Urban Schools and Communities, Courtney Humm

Spring 2019

  • AMCON 111: Borders and Empires, Marc David, Colin Wells
  • AMCON 202: Pursuits of Happiness, 1920 – Present, Joshua Anderson DeAne Lagerquist
  • AMST 100: American Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Judy Kululas
  • ECON 220: Economic Justice, Mark Pernecky
  • ENGL 200: Topics in Cross-Cultural Literature, Sean Ward
  • ENGL 220: Topics in Literary History, Mary Trull
  • ENGL 251: Major Chicano/a Authors, Carlos Gallego
  • ENGL 260: Topics in Cross-Disciplinary Literary Study, Sean Ward
  • HIST 199 : America After 1865, Eric Fure-Slocum
  • SWRK 221: Social Work and Social Welfare, Melissa Mendez
  • SWRK 258: Social Policy, Staff, by instructor approval

Archived Courses that Count