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100 American Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

This analysis of modern American society introduces theories and methods of culture studies, beginning with anthropological definitions of culture and including perspectives of sociology, political science, history, art history and English. Students examine the moral ecology of everyday life in America, looking at the cultural meanings of work, clothes, food, family, gender, buildings, bodies, television, advertising and education. GE: HBS, MCS-D. Counts also toward Women’s and Gender Studies. Offered Spring Semester.

201-210 American Studies: A Topical Approach

Students apply theories and methods of culture studies to a selected major topic in American culture. The course employs a discussion format, focusing on critical reading, analytic essays. Recent courses include “California and the American Imagination,” and “Sitcom America.” The course is offered Fall Semester usually carries MCD.

294, 394 Internship

298 Independent Study

301 Seminar

This course undertakes an intensive study of a particular period or topic through the interdisciplinary perspective of American Studies. This course employs a seminar format, with concentration on student research. Recent courses offered include  “Disney’s America,” and “American Women of Color.” Offered Spring Semester.

398 Independent Research