Benefits Committee

Committee Charter

MARCH 2016

The Benefits Advisory Committee (Committee) serves in an advisory capacity to the President, the VP for Human Resources, and the VP/Chief Financial Officer.  It is a resource of knowledgeable faculty and staff to assist in the analysis of existing health benefits, and to advocate for comprehensive benefits which meet the needs of a diverse workforce with appropriate financial contributions from both the institution and the employees.

  • To study existing health benefit programs and their impact on faculty, staff, and College goals;
  • To help define the alternatives for benefit improvements that should be considered during the budget development process;
  • Recommend employer/employee contribution rates for existing and/or proposed programs
  • To improve the quality of information available to faculty and staff and to contribute to an understanding of their needs by conducting or supporting surveys of employee opinion on benefits as needed;
  • Carry out other such duties within the scope of its primary purpose or as the President may delegate.

At a minimum, the Committee shall consist of:

  • Three (3) Faculty, to include a representative from the Faculty Life Committee
  • Two (2) Non-exempt staff
  • Four (4) Exempt staff

The VP for Human Resources and the VP/Chief Financial Officer are ex-officio members of the Committee.  The President appoints the members of the Committee.  Committee members shall serve for a three (3) year term, renewable to a total of nine (9) years.   Committee members shall elect the Chair.   The Benefits Specialist shall serve as staff to the Committee.  While no special skills are required of Committee members, members should have an interest in the benefits package and represent the diversity of the College’s workforce.


The Committee meets as necessary.  Agendas are determined primarily by the Committee Chair in consultation with the VP for Human Resources and others as needed, i.e. Benefit Specialist, Benefits Broker, etc.  Staff is responsible for preparing minutes of each meeting.


Christopher Atzinger – Faculty in Music
Mary Barbosa-Jerez – Library
Gladys Cortes – Admissions
Roz Eaton – Dean of Students (chair)
Travis Grant – Human Resources (ex-officio)
Janet Hanson – Chief Financial Officer (ex-officio)
Mary Beth Kuehn – Faculty in Nursing
Angie Mathews – Finance Office (ex-officio)
Melissa Mendez – Faculty in Social Work and Family Studies
Leslie Moore – Human Resources (ex-officio)
Mandy Paul – Facilities
Steve Romenesko – TRiO Student Support Services for Students with Disabilities
Jessica Smisek – Human Resources (ex-officio)
David Walmsley – Faculty in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Jennifer Whitson
, President’s Office
Nou Yang – TRiO Upward Bound

updated 9/2021