Why do we need a STEM Student Action Team?

We were inspired to create the St. Olaf Action Team after learning of a similar effort at Davidson College and by the adage adopted from the disability rights movement, “nothing about us without us.”  We aim to create structures encouraging regular communication between students, faculty, department chairs and the dean within the Division of Natural Science and Math.

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What events does the Action Team organize?

Much of our effort has been focused on the creation of “Bridges,” a series of four connected engagement opportunities that focus on community and confidence building and provide a space for students to share their daily STEM experiences.

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What other initiatives is the Action Team involved in?

As faculty have became more familiar with us, we have been asked to take on a variety of additional responsibilities, from collaborating with CURI to create training on potential bias in research labs for Summer Research students, to providing feedback on faculty searches.

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How does the Action Team work?

Faculty, staff and students at St. Olaf and at other institutions often ask us questions about how the team functions.

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How does the Action Team share its work with others?

We communicate regularly with faculty and leaders both on and off campus.

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What do members of the Action Team gain from being involved?

Many people ask us about our experiences on the team. Hear from us in our own words.

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