Supporting Survivors


This is a Wellness Center presentation in collaboration with SARN that all students are welcome to. We will be presenting on the ins and outs of supporting survivors on a college campus. How might an assault change a friendship? How do you support someone in the immediate and long term aftermath? We will talk about […]

Title IX and Music

CHM 233

This is a pink-card and wellness swiped presentation going over the ins and outs of Title IX at St.Olaf. We will review practices, resources, and all the ways that ensembles or tours interact with Title IX policies. This is in connection with the Music Department hoping to start a discourse about sexual and gendered violence […]

Food and the Holidays


As we embark on the holiday season, this presentation will give some guidance as to how our relationship with food might change or be challenged during this time. We will talk about the role that family plays in this, how body image issues may arise, and give tools for students in managing all of the […]

Worth the Wait? The Pros and Cons of Procrastination

Tomson Hall 280

This spring, 78% of St. Olaf students reported challenges in their life because of procrastination. This statistic is monumental! So let's break it down! In this interactive presentation, students will learn more about the surrounding stigmas, if it's really a bad thing, why it seems so inescapable, and ways to manage procrastination. Learn more at […]

Get in to Your Skin: Skincare 101

Our skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the human body, therefore it needs the utmost love and care. Skin comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, each needing to be catered to with personalized care. How do you care for your skin? If you haven't got a clue to answer this question, […]