Oles Make an Impact


As alumni, families, faculty and staff, students, and friends, you did together what Oles have always done best: you made an impact.

$252.24 million



For the Hill and Beyond - Illustration by Julie Van Grol '08

On May 31, 2020, St. Olaf College completed For the Hill and Beyond, our seven-year comprehensive campaign to establish enduring support for signature elements of a St. Olaf education.

With a goal of $200 million, the Ole community exceeded expectations and raised the most ever in a single campaign creating transformative impact.

You have brightened the road ahead for every Ole through your incredible support.

Thank you for going so far beyond.



Increased access and affordability:
$74.60 million raised

You deepened our commitment to meet the demonstrated financial need of every admitted student, even as that need changes.


new or expanded endowed
scholarship funds


increase in aid funded by annual gifts and endowed funds


awarded annually through opportunity funds for under-resourced Oles


Advanced High-Impact Learning: $44.93 million raised

You increased support for Oles and their participation in academic practices proven to strengthen knowledge retention, critical thinking, and career preparedness.

Icon Off-CampusInternational and Off-Campus Study


increase in aid, 73.1% of Oles now complete
off-campus study before graduation

11 consecutive years

that St. Olaf has ranked #1
amongst baccalaureate institutions by the number
of undergraduate students that study abroad

Icon Off-CampusVocation and Career

Founding of Piper Center for Vocation and Career
and programs for students and alumni


now awarded annually to fund
internships, $69,662 for entrepreneurial ventures

Icon Off-CampusFaculty-Mentored Research


increase in endowed student research positions

Icon ConversationsThe Conversations

Core support added for Great Conversation;
Public Affairs Conversation launched

Icon Off-CampusAdvising and Academic Support

Integrated services launched across academic subjects, ability,
and learning modes benefiting all Oles

Icon Off-CampusAcademic Innovation

Five faculty chairs endowed in economics,
environmental science, music, and theater

Innovation awards established for faculty
research and instruction

Renovations to Holland Hall, new Department
of Nursing wing

Community Illustration

Strengthened Community: $44.67 million raised

The Hill encompasses the hopes, passions, identities, and experiences that every Ole brings to it. You gave Oles more pathways to develop their core values, their fortitude, and their connections together.

Three new engagement centers

Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion ➤

Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community ➤

Institute for Freedom and Community ➤

Icon Off-CampusStudent Life

Endowed leadership staffing
for student life

Emergency Fund for Students now aids
Oles experiencing financial hardship

Programs added during breaks
for on-campus Oles

Icon Off-CampusAthletics

Six new and enhanced facilities, including the St. Olaf Ice Arena

Endowed support added for coaching and programs

Ole Leadership Academy launched

Icon MusicMusic Organizations

International tours by the St. Olaf Band, St. Olaf Orchestra, and St. Olaf Choir now cost-free for students

Ensured St. Olaf’s Mission Endures: $88.04 million raised

Because of you, St. Olaf is more resolutely St. Olaf. You grounded us more deeply in our core commitments, gave us resilient flexibility, and added permanent support undergirding every opportunity a St. Olaf education provides.

Connections Illustration

$34.7 million

Total raised through
the St. Olaf Fund

$41.9 million

Endowed funds providing general
operating support


Increase in revenue from endowed
funds supporting operations



For the Hill and Beyond exceeded our goal making a transformative difference for Oles. Take a look inside the closing report on this campaign for St. Olaf College.