High-Impact Learning

$68.5 million

Enrich and expand off-campus study, faculty-mentored undergraduate research, internships, and the Conversations, all high-impact practices that improve knowledge retention, critical thinking, and career preparedness.


to endow professorships, staffing and programming across all six Conversations


to establish a center for mentored undergraduate research and inquiry, and to identify and pursue new approaches to high-impact learning


to lower the cost of participation, endow staffing, and bolster curricular innovation


to endow internship experiences to ensure at least 70% of students participate in funded experiences prior to graduation

Undergraduate students should experience at least two high-impact practices prior to graduation; 94 percent of Ole seniors report they do, outpacing our Carnegie Class peers.

2015 National Survey of Student Engagement High-Impact Practices Report

High-impact learning happens when students are actively engaged in their education.

Programs such as off-campus study, faculty-mentored research, internships, and St. Olaf’s signature Conversations have been shown to enhance critical thinking and career preparedness, and push students to learn more and to retain the knowledge longer.

For the Hill and Beyond will enable St. Olaf to increase the scope and depth of high-impact experiences we provide students both on and off campus.

Strengthen Community

$31.5 million

Bolster key staffing, facilities (including an indoor ice arena) and programming enabling students to develop the habits of heart and mind necessary to lead lives of balance and purpose.


to endow key staffing and coaching positions, and build St. Olaf’s first on-campus indoor ice facility


to endow a new center and programming to cultivate civil discourse, free inquiry and meaningful debate about the pressing public issues of our time


to establish a new center that will engage the St. Olaf community in exploring questions of community, faith, meaning, value, and vocation


to under gird student life activities, organizations, and club sports

95% of St. Olaf students live on campus; more than one-third participate in varsity, club and intramural athletics.

Living and learning in community is at the core of what makes a St. Olaf education distinct. Students who live on campus participate more in social and cultural activities, interact more with faculty and peers, and become more socially and intellectually open-minded.

Our community is greatly enhanced by the many extra- and co-curricular activities available to students on the Hill. Added funding, staffing, facilities and programming will expand opportunities for students to develop the habits of heart and mind necessary to lead lives of balance and purpose.

Enhance Affordability

$65 million

Continue meeting the demonstrated financial need of every admitted student and to keep college debt reasonable and affordable, and access to high impact practices equitable.


to raise endowed funds to add $1.25 million annually in scholarships and remove unsubsidized loans from first-year financial aid packages.


to establish endowed funds to provide need-based grants and other opportunity awards to ensure equitable access for all students regardless of income to high-impact learning opportunities.

To remain competitive among the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges and flagship public universities, St. Olaf must continue to offer a compelling value proposition. This value depends not only upon the excellence and enduring outcomes of a St. Olaf degree, but also upon its affordability.

By keeping college affordable and debt manageable, St. Olaf can help all students realize their aspirations and goals more readily, from the moment they consider the college as a prospective student.

Sustain our Mission

$35 million

Increase alumni participation and annual giving to the St. Olaf Fund to build vital operating support to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating St. Olaf students.


Increase in annual giving to the St. Olaf Fund


Alumni support the college annually

70% of gifts to the St. Olaf Fund are less than $250, yet combined they make a tremendous difference for St. Olaf students.

The St. Olaf Fund provides crucial support for existing programs and operations that are vital to the college’s mission. By building participation in supporting this vital resource, St. Olaf can secure its future and respond to immediate needs, without compromising the affordability of a St. Olaf degree.

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