The St. Olaf Chemistry Major — 10 Years Out

What will you be doing 10-20 years from now?

Well, of course, no one can say. But here is a compilation of what some of the alumni chemistry majors of St. Olaf College were doing 10-20 years after they graduated.

This list is based on alumni data for chemistry major graduates of 1980-1990 residing in Minnesota as of 8/1/2001 (215 alumni; somewhat less than half of all alumni for this period). The list is separated into three areas: academicbusiness/industrial, and medical/spiritual. Rather than listing the same information multiple times, a single entry in this table may represent more than one graduate. The exact number of graduates with each specific combination of major and career path is not indicated.


Questions may be directed to Bob Hanson.



chemistry adjunct lecturer
chemistry chemistry professor
chemistry, biology chemistry professor
chemistry, religion chemistry professor
chemistry, Norwegian elementary school teacher
chemistry high school program director
chemistry high school teacher
chemistry, German high school teacher
chemistry junior high teacher
chemistry, biology professor, National Biological Service
chemistry advertising management supervisor
chemistry analytical research chemist
chemistry, biology analytical research chemist
chemistry asset liability analyst
chemistry attorney
chemistry, classics attorney
chemistry, economics biotechnology business developer
chemistry, French biotechnology technician
chemistry brewing company manager
chemistry, religion building design entropy optimizer
chemistry business consultant
chemistry chemical analyst
chemistry company owner
chemistry computer imaging scientist
chemistry controller, human resources manager
chemistry corporate account manager
chemistry, Norwegian corporate chemist
chemistry, math corporate chemist
chemistry, religion corporate chemist
chemistry corporate controller
chemistry dairy consultant
chemistry, biology director of corporate sales, medical diagnostics
chemistry, biology director of international marketing
chemistry, biology engineer
chemistry, math engineer
chemistry environmental engineer
chemistry financial account manager
chemistry, French financial advisor
chemistry, Spanish financial analyst
chemistry food scientist
chemistry formulation chemist
chemistry, Norwegian foundation program leader
chemistry, religion freelance computer consultant
chemistry, biology graphics engineer
chemistry health care consultant
chemistry healthcare retail store owner
chemistry, biology investment banker
chemistry, religion investment banker
chemistry laboratory manager
chemistry laboratory technician
chemistry manufacturing engineer
chemistry marketing director
chemistry, economics marketing research analyst
chemistry, psychology medical information scientist
chemistry policy analyst
chemistry polymer chemist
chemistry population risk analysis manager
chemistry, biology printing operations manager
chemistry production chemist
chemistry quality control supervisor
chemistry, physics realtor
chemistry, English regional manager
chemistry research and development technology manager
chemistry resort manager
chemistry restaurant owner
chemistry safety and environmental manager
chemistry, biology sales/marketing representative
chemistry senior analyst programmer
chemistry, math telecommunications company vice president
chemistry, econ venture capitalist
chemistry vice president for environmental research
chemistry anesthesiologist
chemistry cardiologist
chemistry cutaneous surgeon
chemistry, biology dental assistant
chemistry dentist
chemistry, biology dentist
chemistry, Norwegian dentist
chemistry, religion dentist
chemistry dermatologist
chemistry emergency physician
chemistry family practice physician
chemistry, biology family practice physician
chemistry, philosophy family practice physician
chemistry, psychology family practice physician
chemistry, religion family practice physician
chemistry, Russian family practice physician
chemistry general surgeon
chemistry internal medicine physician
chemistry neurosurgeon
chemistry oncologist
chemistry ophthalmologist
chemistry oral surgeon
chemistry orthopedic surgeon
chemistry, art otolaryngologist
chemistry pastor
chemistry pediatrician
chemistry, biology pediatrician
chemistry, religion pediatrician
chemistry pharmaceutical sales representative
chemistry pharmacist
chemistry, biology pharmacist
chemistry, biology physician
chemistry, religion physician
chemistry, Norwegian physician
chemistry, Norwegian physician assistant
chemistry plastic surgeon
chemistry, biology podiatrist
chemistry, psychology psychiatrist
chemistry psychologist
chemistry, biology radiologist
chemistry registered nurse
chemistry, philosophy registered nurse
chemistry urgent care physician
chemistry, biology veterinarian