Current Individual Majors

Currently, students are pursuing the Individual Majors listed below.To see the archive of Individual Majors and the Web Portfolios of recent graduates, click here.

Class of 2022

Sophia Anderson

Anatomy and Psychology in the Arts

Sannah Arvidson-Hicks

Peace and Conflict Studies

Elizabeth Strauss

Folklore Studies

Natalie Choi

Global Public Health: Preventions, Interventions, and Responses

Ruby Skrien

Public Health Inequity in Communities

Class of 2023

Cece Schurke

Business Management: Leadership within the Business World

Chase Jensen

Entrepreneurial Business and Design

Helen White

Applied Linguistics

Maani Ekka

Global Educational Studies

Sean Finger

Athletic Administration and Management

Class of 2024

Emily Trendle

Law, Order, and the Criminal Mind

Erika Adams

Neuroscience of Addiction