Here are all the details about courses. Find out what each CS course is about, what their prerequisites are, what “GEs” they satisfy, when we plan to offer them, and more.


Overview of CS Courses
An introduction to the CS courses.
Listing of CS courses
Details on each course we offer.
Planned offerings of CS courses
Which courses we currently plan to offer which terms in the next few years.
Upcoming Courses
Here’s the scoop on next term’s courses in CS.
Spotlight on SD (CS 251): The course that opens doors
Software Design and Implementation is the pivotal course in St. Olaf’s CS curriculum, developing concepts and skills for academic and “real-world” applications.
CS 336, Logic Programming (LP)
A powerful programming paradigm widely used in AI, based on automatic logical inferences from declared “rules”
CS 284, Mobile Computing Applications (MCA)
Creating Android apps in teams while learning Java and SQL
IS 201, Power Computing in All Disciplines/HiPerCiC (HPCC)
Building custom software for researchers in other disciplines, using the HiPerCiC framework