ID 259, HiPerCiC: Collaborative Web Applications

Key points: ID 259, HiPerCiC Collaborative Web Applications, is a project course in which students create custom web-based computing applications for professors across campus.

This project-based course produces custom web applications for particular faculty members from any department on campus, intended to support those professors’ individual research and/or teaching activities.  For each professor’s project, an interdisciplinary team consisting of CS students and one or more students chosen by that professor (who need have no CS experience) produce the web software applications that will make a difference for that professor. The team works directly with that professor to develop the features of that software collaboratively, under the direction of the ID 259 instructor.  The applications employ current web software development methods and tools, unified by the HiPerCiC core software built on the popular Django web-app framework. Some example projects include:  software that simplifies and greatly speeds up a Neuroscience professor’s processing of head-direction neuron activity data in rats;  a web application that simulates a Management Studies professor’s investment strategy applied to stock market indices;  and an Archaeology application that enables archaeologists anywhere to explore a site and its artifacts in Turkey remotely, using 3D visualization. Prof. Brown would be glad to discuss the possibilities with students or faculty who are interested in HiPerCiC projects.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. This course counts as an elective for the CS major (for the CS students), and carries [WRI] credit. See Dick Brown for more information.