DHH Grants

The Digital Humanities on the Hill initiative, made possible with support from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation, encourages faculty and student development in the digital humanities by providing three types of grants: January, Summer, and DHH-CURI. Below are descriptions of the three types of grants as well as a list of grant recipients.

Current and previous grant recipients

Final phase

The DHH initiative is in its final phase and all of the grant rounds have been awarded. Project work will continue throughout 2017. Details on the types of grants and the proposal process are included below for reference.

DHH January Grants

January Grants are designed to support digital humanities projects conducted during St. Olaf’s January Interim term.  Due to short project duration – between two and four weeks – January grants favor concise, discrete projects, such as digital course assignments and in-class activities for existing courses, next-step exploration of ongoing digital humanities projects, or start-up preparation for future projects to demonstrate feasibility/proof of concept of a future undertaking.


CURI Grants fund up to three faculty and three students engaged in digital humanities work as part of St. Olaf’s CURI program for mentored undergraduate research.  In the course of six to ten weeks of summer, students from all academic disciplines closely collaborate with a faculty member in a research framework in the humanities arena.

DHH Summer Grants

Summer Grants provide a stipend for faculty members working during the summer on digital humanities projects that focus on teaching, curricular development, research, or a combination of any of these areas.  Individuals may propose projects feasibly designed for a duration of two to eight weeks during the summer.