Genaray LCD 3-light kit

generay p1 genary p2

A set of circular studio lights. Each Plugs into an outlet for power. Additionally, when they are on they are barely warm, so heat will not be an issue.

  1. Open and adjust light stands to stand at desired height.
    1. Use bottom knob to adjust height/span of legs.
    2. Use top three knobs to adjust height of pole.
  2. Attach LED lights to light stands:
    1. Loosen plus-shaped screw attached near the base of the LED.
    2. Fit LED on top of light stand.
      1. The base of the LED should cover almost the entire silver head of the light stand.
    3. Tighten plus-shaped screw to secure.
    4. Adjust angle of light using knob on the opposite side of the plus-shaped knob.
  3. Turning on the LED
    1. Plug in power adapter on back side of LED below the power button.
    2. Flip power switch to turn on.
    3. Adjust brightness using dimmer knob on top.
      1. Alternatively, you may attach the remote dimmer using the input near the bottom right of the power button.
  4. Regarding light placement, you can reference 3-Point Lighting on wikipedia ( or review the lighting tutorials in for in-depth lighting training