The Majors

The Economics Majors

The department offers students two majors in the field of economics: (1) Economics and (2) Quantitative Economics. Either major is appropriate for all students, though students considering graduate study in economics or finance, or those considering careers in economic research, finance, banking, or regulatory affairs are encouraged to consider the major in Quantitative Economics. The Quantitative Economics major requires a higher level of foundational mathematics (linear algebra) and that a student complete two courses that include quantitative research in economics, either advanced mathematical modeling or econometric analysis. However, a student who decides to not complete the higher-level math course or the quantitative research components will still easily complete the requirements for the Economics major.

The economics curriculum at St. Olaf includes theory, applications, institutional studies, and quantitative analysis. Where appropriate, economics courses also pursue historical and ethical concerns.

The department offers areas of emphasis for its majors who desire more focused study in finance, international economics, management, and public policy. The department also supports several programs available to students regardless of major: an interdisciplinary concentration in management studies, international and off-campus courses, and internship opportunities.

More information about the management studies concentration can be found on the Management Studies webpages.