Exercise Science

Exercise Science

The study of physiological and functional adaptations to movement. The field is richly interdisciplinary, involving such disciplines as anatomy, chemistry, biology, physiology, biomechanics, exercise prescription, psychology, nutrition, and injury management. The rigorous and systematic study of these disciplines enables students to understand how and why people move and the factors which limit and enhance our capacity to move.


The Intersection of Science & Movement

Exercise Science Instructor Jennifer Holbein (far left) and her students — (from left) Abby Carpenter ’18, Emil Hiiri ’19, Eric Bakken ’18, Jessica Folson ’21, Andrew Thao ’18, Kyle Leemon ’18, Kelsey Sims ’18, and (front, from left) Katie Marshall ’21 and Nina Lautz ’18 — are researching ways to relax muscle tension, reduce pain, and prevent injury in performing artists.

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