Graduate Schools For Kinesiology Majors

The internet is full of sites to help you find a graduate program that will meet your educational and career-related needs. A few schools have been researched for some of the most popular kinesiology fields, but there are many more than just those listed below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, utilize the resources on the Piper Center for Vocation and Career’s website to search for graduate programs and schools which are of specific interest to you. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, viewing individual web sites of institutions that interest you is a great way to gather specific information related to each school’s admission criteria.

Printed materials such as the Peterson Guides, Princeton Review publications, and specialized publications list schools and programs and can be found on shelves at the Piper Center. The Kinesiology Department on campus may also house information specific to the field of kinesiology and related schools and occupations.

Asking faculty or alumni for advice can give you inside information on individual programs and the qualifications required. Also, login frequently to Handshake to view upcoming workshops and graduate, program reps visiting campus. Graduate students currently studying in the kinesiology field may also give valuable advice, especially on the strengths and weaknesses of their particular program. If possible, visit the institutions that interest you and talk with faculty members and currently enrolled students. If a visit isn’t feasible, try to make contacts by phone or email. Each program should be able to supply you with current students’ contact information.