History of Mellby Lecturers

39th Annual: 2021-22

  • Ibtesam Al-Atiyat, Sociology – “The Neo-Liberal Turn in Higher Education”
  • Gregory Walter, Religion – “The Vulnerability of Religion”

38th Annual: 2020-21

  • Charles Umbanhowar, Jr., Biology & Environmental Studies – Future, Present, Past? Reconstructing he Ecological History of Fire Using Charcoal

37th Annual: 2019-20

  • Christopher Chiappari, Sociology/Anthropology & Latin American Studies – Beings, Relations, and Power: The New Animism in the Highlands of Guatemala

36th Annual: 2018-19

  • Jennifer Kwon Dobb, English – Race, Citizenship Regimes, and Intercountry Adoption from the South Korean Kijich’on to the U.S.-Mexico Border in the Era of Trump
  • Paul Jackson, Chemistry & Environmental Studies – Conversations with Neighbors: Shifting the Paradigm of Chemical and Environmental Sustainability from Local to Global and Back Again

35th Annual: 2017-18

  • Diana Postlethwaite, English – The Monster Plot: Memory, Intelligence and Time in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  • Kathy Shea, Biology & Environmental Studies – Insights from an Ecologist’s Life

34th Annual: 2016-17

  • David Booth, Religion – On the Public Usefulness of Theology: Making Sense of North Carolina’s “Bathroom Wars”
  • Mary Griep, Art/Art History – Descent Into Detail

33rd Annual: 2015-16

  • Matthew Richey, Mathematics – Take What You Have Gathered From Coincidence: Understanding and Using Randomness
  • Karen Cherewatuk, English – The Tears of Things: Epic Grief

32nd Annual: 2014-15

  • Rebecca Judge, Economics – Can Economics Save the Loon?
  • Mary Titus, English – Thinking Through Things

31st Annual: 2013-14

  • León Narváez, Romance Languages – My Story: Living the Liberal Artes in a Bicultural Context
  • Bruce Nordstrom-Loeb, Sociology/Anthropology – Dilemmas of Faith and Family among Megachurch Evangelicals

30th Annual: 2012-13

  • Jeanine Grenberg, Philosophy – But that’s Wrong! Kantian Reflections on the Conflict Between Happiness and Morality
  • Dan Dressen, Music – Tone, Text, and Musico-poetic Synthesis

29th Annual: 2011-12

  • Wendell Arneson, Art/Art History – Remember to Remember
  • David Van Wylen, Biology – Murmurings of the Heart

28th Annual: 2010-11

  • Mike Leming, Sociology, “Praxis Makes Perfect”
  • Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak, Asian Studies and Political Science, “Making Citizens: Lessons From Japan”

27th Annual:2009-10

  • Karen Peterson Wilson, Theatre, “Exit Pursued by Ethics”
  • Paul Zorn, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, “Analyze This”

26th Annual: 2008-09

  • Charles Wilson, Religion, “Inventing Jesus”
  • Andrea Een, Music, “Playing by Ear: A Journey from Classical Violinist to Hardanger Fiddler”

25th Annual: 2007-08

  • Robert Entenmann, History and Asian Studies, “The Life and Times of Andreas Ly, Chinese Catholic Priest (1693-1774)”
  • Anne Walter, Biology, “Old Questions, New Methods: A Paradigm Shift in How We Think About Cell Membranes and Other Biological Entities”

24th Annual: 2006-07

  • Rich DuRocher, English, “Why Milton Matters”
  • David Schodt, Economics, “Commodity Connections: Latin America and the United States”

23rd Annual: 2005-06

  • Steve Reece, Classics, “Homer, Jesus and Bass Fishing in Minnesota”
  • Gary Gisselman, Theatre, “Sustainability and the Theatre: Landscape, Intimacy, Sex and Violins”

22nd Annual: 2004-05

  • Paul Humke, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, “A Voyager from the Fourth Dimension”
  • Jolene Barjasteh, French, “Deceit, Desire, and the Diary: Eugénie de Guérin’s Journal”

21st Annual: 2003-04

  • David Wee, English, “Sport (Mostly Baseball) in Culture and the Curriculum”
  • Amy Kolan, Physics, “The Pleasures of Seeing: making Light of the World Around Us”

20th Annual: 2002-03

  • Charles Taliaferro, Philosophy, “A Defense of a Romantic Education: The Role of Feeling in Personal Development”
  • L. DeAne Lagerquist, Religion, “The Observations of the Observed: Theological Literacy, the Liberal Arts and Global Perspective”

19th Annual: 2001-02

  • Nancy Paddleford, Music, “Ravel and Rice and Beans”
  • Edmund Santurri, Religion and Philosophy, “Philosophical Ambiguities in Ostensibly Unambiguous Times: The Moral Evaluation of Terrorism”

18th Annual: 2000-01

  • Eric S. Cole, Biology, “Probing Life with Light” and “Science, Mystery and the Art of Inquiry”
  • James J. Farrell, History, “It’s a Mall World After All”

17th Annual: 1999-2000

  • Ed Langerak, Philosophy, “Civil Disagreement”
  • Mac Gimse, Art, “Always Learning, Forever Going Home”

16th Annual: 1998-99

  • Charles Huff, Psychology, “An Invitation to Psychology”
  • Alice Hanson, Music, “Conserve, Conservative, Conservatory: The Place of Music at St. Olaf”

15th Annual: 1997-98

  • Eric D. Weitz, History, “The Century of Terror”
  • Wendy Allen, French, “Searching for Averroes: Reflections on Language, Culture and Education Incorporating a Global Perspective”

14th Annual: 1996-97

  • James M. May, Classics, “Cicero’s Ideal Orator and the St. Olaf Graduate: The Tradition Continues”
  • Olivia Frey, English, “What is Education For?

13th Annual: 1995-96

  • Fred Stoutland, Philosophy, “Philosophy, Science and Other Cultural Activity”
  • Martha Wallace, Mathematics, “Learning Teaching and Teaching Learning”

12th Annual: 1994-95

  • Anton Armstrong, Music, “How Can I Keep From Singing?”
  • Kristina Huber (MacPherson), Library, “Whither the St. Olaf Libraries?”

11th Annual: 1993-94

  • J. Patrick Dale, Political Science, “In the Aftermath of the Communist Interlude”
  • John Maakestad, Art, “The Excluded and Included in 20th Century Art”

10th Annual: 1992-93

  • Valborg Tollefsrud, Nursing, “The Human Science of Caring”
  • Gwen Barnes-Karol, Spanish, “Preaching, Politics, and Theater in Counter-Reformation Spain”

9th Annual: 1991-92

  • George C. Helling, Sociology, “For Adults Only”
  • Kathleen Fishbeck, Biology, “Consider the Soybeans…They Toil Much”

8th Annual: 1990-91

  • Robert Jacobel, Physics, “Ice and Climate: A Geophysical Perspective on Global Change”
  • Ann Wagner, Dance, “Dance and its Discontents: American Denominational Opposition”

7th Annual: 1989-90

  • Robert L. Nichols, history, “Renewing the Spirit”
  • Anantanand Rambachan, Religion, “Theological Literacy, A Global Perspective and the Challenges of Religious Pluralism”

6th Annual: 1988-89

  • Ted Johnson, Biology, “Out of the Laboratory: Challenges and Dilemmas”
  • Carol Holly, English, “Restoring Community to the Canon: A Consideration of Nineteenth-Century American Literature”

5th Annual: 1987-88

  • Samiha Sidhom Peterson, Sociology, “The Search of Authenticity in an Interdependent World: The Case of the Middle East”
  • Howard Hong, Philosophy, “Three Little Words”

4th Annual: 1986-87

  • Albert E. Finholt, Chemistry, “The Inscrutable Face of Science”
  • Jo Fraatz (Beld), Political Science, “The Politics of Excellence”

3rd Annual: 1985-86

  • Reidar Dittmann, Art and Norwegian, “Turner, Ruskin and the Grand Tour: Switzerland, Italy and the Sublime”
  • Devra Westover, Nursing, “Images of Nursing: Fact and Fantasy”

2nd Annual: 1984-85

  • Anne H. Groton, Classics, “‘Though much is taken, much abides’: Classics and the Will to Survive”
  • Harold H. Ditmanson, Religion, “Christian Faith and Public Morality”

1st Annual: 1983-84

  • Lynn Steen, Mathematics, “1 + 1 = 0″ The Invisible Revolution in Modern Mathematics”