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The St. Olaf College Faculty Handbook provides members of the faculty with information that is important for their work as teachers, advisers, and scholars.  This Handbook does not constitute, nor is it intended to serve as, an employment contract or a promise for the provision of any terms or conditions of employment.  Policies and procedures regarding faculty governance as well as the rights and responsibilities of the faculty are provided under separate cover in the Faculty Manual.

This Handbook, along with the current Faculty Manual, replaces all previous handbooks, manuals, and other oral or written statements of employment policy.  The policies and procedures contained in this Handbook are not a complete list, and cannot cover all situations that may arise.  At the direction of the President, the content of this Handbook may be withdrawn or changed from time to time, with or without prior notice, following the procedures set forth in Section 2 of the Faculty Manual.  In particular, this Handbook will be revised from time to time to reflect changes in policies, procedures, and benefits.  New versions of the Faculty Handbook will be distributed to the faculty by the Dean of the College in print or by electronic means.

Each member of the faculty is urged to become familiar with the contents of this Handbook.  If you have any questions about or need further clarification of any material in this Handbook, please consult your department chair, the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College, or the Human Resources Office.

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