Academic Calendar

[Faculty Handbook Category #2]

The St. Olaf College Academic Catalog is printed every two years. Each new edition contains the academic calendars for the two-year period that it covers, plus the academic calendar for the year after that (e.g, the 2004-06 catalog contains the calendars for 2004‑05, 2005–06, and 2006–07). Approval of the calendars that will appear in the next edition generally takes place every other year in the spring, shortly before the catalog goes to press.

It is the responsibility of the Registrar to prepare a draft of the academic calendar in accordance with Curriculum and Educational Policies Committee guidelines and other considerations. After the Registrar has solicited comments on the draft from Alumni/Parent Relations, Athletics, Admissions, Music Organizations, the Dean of Students, the College Pastors, and Student Government, he or she presents a revised version to the Dean’s Council and the President’s Cabinet. After they have reviewed it, the Registrar submits the calendar to CEPC, which circulates it among the full faculty for comment before approving it. The final version of the calendar is then posted on the web and printed in the catalog. This calendar forms the basis for the Registrar’s calendar.