Associate Deans of the Faculties

[Faculty Handbook Category #2]

  1. An Associate Dean for each of the five Faculties is appointed by the Dean of the College.  As each Associate Dean’s term expires, all faculty with voting franchise will be invited to submit nominations to the Dean.  The nominees must hold appointments in a department or be part of a program aligned with the Faculty for which they would serve as Associate Dean.  Qualifications for appointment as an Associate Dean include some experience as a department chair, program director, committee chair, or other significant leadership experience.  For the position of Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary and General Studies, the nominees must have had significant recent participation in one of the departments or programs within this Faculty.
  2. The term of office of an Associate Dean shall be three years.  The terms of office of the five Associate Deans shall be staggered.  Reappointment is allowed but no person shall serve more than six consecutive years or two consecutive terms, whichever is less.  Associate Deans must be tenured Associate Professors or Professors and not at the same time serving as a Department Chair.
  3. Responsibilities of the Associate Deans:
    1. To serve as member of the Dean’s Council
    2. To call meetings of their Faculties where matters of common interest to the departments are to be discussed and to exercise other organizational initiatives to encourage the Faculties and their programs to function effectively and efficiently as collegiate bodies.
    3. To exercise authority as delegated by the Dean in matters of planning, budgeting, and personnel administration
    4. To oversee hiring, tenure, promotion and evaluation procedures to insure consistent and rigorous application of standards and procedures.
    5. To oversee assessment procedures and to insure that the results of those activities are used to improve quality, inform planning, and guide program development.
    6. To consult with the other Associate Deans and to work in coordination within the Dean’s Council in the activities of assessment and staff planning when those activities relate to the individual faculty or whole departments that are involved in work that bridges the concerns of two or more Faculties.