Benefits Advisory Committee

[Faculty Handbook Category #3]

It is the responsibility of the Benefits Advisory Committee to:

  1. monitor the benefit needs of both the faculty and non-faculty employees of the college;
  2. monitor regional and national trends in the benefits provided to employees in higher education;
  3. make recommendations to the President regarding changes to the benefit package — both the benefits for the next year given the approved funding and for future years with proposed budgets for benefits;
  4. work with the Human Resources Office to educate employees about the available benefits;
  5. report to the President on special benefit issues at the request of the President.

The Benefits Advisory Committee is encouraged to focus on the overall value of benefits and take into account what both the employee and the college receive relative to the cost to both the employee and the college.  The Benefits Advisory Committee should try to maximize the value of the benefits for employees and for the college recognizing that benefits are part of the total compensation received by employees.  The Benefits Advisory Committee is encouraged to regularly solicit comments from employees regarding possible changes as well as to help the Benefits Advisory Committee understand the needs of the employees.  Recommendations to the President should include both the view of the majority of the Benefits Advisory Committee and minority report(s) if the recommendation is not unanimous.  The Benefits Advisory Committee shall select a chairperson and a vice‑chairperson or chairperson-elect from among its voting members.

Personnel are appointed by the President for four-year staggered terms:

  1. Nine full voice and vote:
    1. Four Faculty (including one member recommended by RPC)
    2. Two non-faculty exempt employees
    3. Two non-faculty non-exempt employees
    4. One retiree
  2. Two full voice but not vote:
    1. Director of Human Resources
    2. Vice President and Treasurer

It is expected that:

  1.  the President will appoint members to Benefits Advisory Committee who individually participate in the full range of available benefits;
  2. the faculty member whose appointment is recommended by RPC will report to RPC in a timely manner on the work of the Benefits Advisory Committee;
  3. the Vice President and Treasurer, or designee, will provide staff support for the Benefits Advisory Committee.