[Faculty Handbook Category #2]

  1. All examinations and tests are conducted under the Honor System.  If tests are duplicated, the Honor Pledge must be printed in full on the answer sheet.
  2. As a matter of general practice, the teacher should give students one week’s advance notice for full-period examinations.
  3. An in-class examination shall be designed to fit within the length of the class period for which it is scheduled.  Students are not to commence work on an in-class examination prior to the beginning of the class period, nor to continue working on it beyond the end of the class period. Alternative arrangements for an in-class examination may be made for individual students (such as those with documented disabilities) who need special accommodation.
  4. Any examination given outside of the scheduled class period is considered an out-of-class examination.  Faculty must allow a minimum of 24 hours within which students may complete an out-of-class exam, even if the exam is timed (e.g. students are to work on the exam for a maximum of 2 hours).
  5. Faculty must take extraordinary care to ensure that some students are not given advantages over others during an examination period.
  6. Final Examinations