Exceptions to Curriculum Requirements

[Faculty Handbook Category #2]

A student admitted to St. Olaf College is considered a degree candidate and registers under the regulations and degree requirements listed in the catalog for the academic year the student first enters St. Olaf as a degree candidate.  No candidate for a degree will receive a diploma until all requirements have been fulfilled.  While some course requirements may be fulfilled differently, graduation requirements themselves are not subject to waiver for individual students.

Students may petition for waivers to academic regulations, fees and college deadlines at any time during the regular academic year. Petition forms are available from, and returnable to, the Registrar’s Office. Petition forms must be completed in full with appropriate faculty signatures where applicable. The petition form must be accompanied by a written explanation setting forth the circumstances of the student’s case under petition. A student will be notified by e-mail when a petition has been acted on. The petition remains in the student’s file in the Registrar’s Office.

In cases where a petition is denied, or a fee charged by the Registrar, the student may appeal to the Curriculum and Educational Policies Committee. The Chair of the Curriculum and Educational Policies Committee notifies the student of the action of the committee by written communication (e-mail or letter).