General Conditions and Understandings

[Faculty Handbook Category #2]

  1. A leave of absence is a period of time during which the individual has no on‑campus responsibilities.  Whether the leave is taken in Northfield or at another location is immaterial as long as no on-campus teaching, advising, committee, departmental, or other duties are expected.
  2. A temporary reduction in teaching duties in exchange for other specified responsibilities is released time.  Released time may be granted by the Dean of the College for administrative or other special duties.  A member of the faculty with released time continues to receive full compensation (based on his/her FTE) and may be expected to participate in non‑teaching responsibilities.  Even in the absence of teaching duties, if advising, committee, departmental or other institutional duties continue, the person is on released time rather than on leave.
  3. It is the policy of St. Olaf College to provide the leaves of absence described in this Handbook, any other leave the college is required by law to provide, and sabbatical leaves as described in the Faculty Manual.
  4. Except as indicated in this Handbook, a leave of absence other than a sabbatical leave is a leave without pay.
  5. If a leave of absence is 6 months or less, a faculty member may be eligible to receive the college contributions to the college-provided benefits programs in which he/she is enrolled.  In general, employees will be responsible for paying the employee share of college-provided benefits while on leave.  The college will comply with all applicable laws (e.g., FMLA, COBRA, Minnesota Continuation) as well as state and federal regulations.
  6. Requests for leaves of absence should be submitted in writing to the Dean of the College, with copies to the department chair, the associate dean, and the Human Resources Office, as far in advance as possible.  Upon receipt of a written request for a leave of absence, the Dean of the College shall recommend to the President whether to grant the leave.  If the President grants the leave, the Dean shall confirm to the faculty member in writing the granting of the leave and the terms of the leave.  The leave shall become official upon receipt by the Dean of the College of the faculty member’s written acceptance of the leave.
  7. Provision for the annual cost of the faculty sabbatical leave program shall have priority over other budget items involved in faculty compensation.