General Information

[Faculty Handbook Category #4]

The descriptions of health and other employee benefits contained in this Handbook are not summary plan descriptions.  All questions regarding eligibility and benefit levels should be directed to the specific plan documents.  Any variations between the information contained herein and official plan documents will be governed by the plan documents.  The benefits offered bySt. Olaf College may change at any time, with or without notice.  Current information on benefits is available in the Human Resources Office.

Faculty are eligible to participate in the college’s benefits programs only during periods when they are considered employees of the college.  Faculty with tenured or tenure‑track appointments, or with a term appointment of at least 0.75 FTE, are considered college employees for the twelve-month period that begins September 1 each year.  Faculty with term or terminal appointments of less than 0.75 FTE are normally considered college employees only during the months of the academic year (September–May) in which they have duties that are assigned an FTE.  Nevertheless, faculty with such duties during both semesters of an academic year are considered employees during January even if they do not teach an Interim course.  In addition, faculty with duties during both semesters of a calendar year may be considered employees during June–August if they have an appointment of at least 0.50 FTE in both of the academic years that bracket the summer months.