[Faculty Handbook Category #1]

We encourage all college employees to make use of the electronic and print collections in Rølvaag Library, the Glasoe Science Library (in the Science Center), and the Halvorson Music Library (in the Music Building). Your college ID serves as your library card, allowing you to check out material and, in most cases, take it home.

In addition to specialized material in all disciplines of the liberal arts, the St. Olaf collection is rich in fiction, biographies, and history. The music library houses musical scores and recordings. You may take home videocassettes and DVDs of feature films and documentaries.

St. Olaf College and Carleton College share a catalog (, which allows you to search the two colleges’ collections as if they were one. You may order any item from Carleton free of charge — delivery usually takes less than 24 hours. You may also visit the Carleton library, use their reference librarians, and check out their material in person.

More information about the collection, services, hours of operation, the catalog, and print and electronic resources may be found at