Medical Leave

[Faculty Handbook Category #3]

  1. When a faculty member anticipates missing work for an extended period of time due to their own injury or illness or due to the injury or illness of a dependent child, the faculty member may apply for a medical leave.  Such requests should be accompanied by a doctor’s written documentation of the anticipated length of the leave.  When returning from a medical leave, a faculty member may be required to provide a doctor’s written release to return to work prior to actually returning to work.  The college may, at its own discretion and expense, require a second opinion.  Faculty members eligible under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy are governed by that policy, but may seek an extension of their medical leave under this section when necessary and appropriate.
  2. The college will determine, at its discretion, how and whether to compensate a faculty member for part or all of a prolonged absence under this Medical Leave policy.