Parental Leave

[Faculty Handbook Category #1]

  1. Faculty members who have worked at least one-half time during the twelve months immediately preceding the request are entitled under the Minnesota Parental Leave Act to six weeks unpaid leave following the birth or adoption of a child.  The parental leave may begin at a time selected by the faculty member not more than six weeks after the birth or adoption.
  2. A parental leave will be granted for up to six weeks, with a starting date no later than six weeks after the birth or adoption.  In situations where the child remains hospitalized longer than the mother, the request for a leave must be made no later than six weeks after the child leaves the hospital.
  3. Faculty members who wish to take a parental leave should submit their request at least three months in advance of the beginning of the term in which their leave will begin (unless circumstances make such notice impossible).
  4. The college will continue to make available health, life, and disability insurance benefits during the unpaid portion of the leave period.  The college will also contribute towards the college’s health care plan during the parental leave if the faculty member pays the balance of the premiums.
  5. Parental leave requested under this policy runs concurrently with any parental leave provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act Leave policy for employees who are eligible under that policy and concurrently with any leave taken under the childbearing and child‑rearing leave policies.