Program Directors

[Faculty Handbook Category #2]

Program Directors

A.  Program directors are normally appointed for a three-year term by the Dean of the College, who will have consulted with the Associate Dean of the relevant Faculty and members of the program involved.

B.  Program directors have primary responsibility for the proper functioning of the individual program of instruction. They shall attend meetings called by the Dean of the College and inform faculty members teaching in the program about the topics discussed at those meetings. Program directors shall consult with the Associate Dean of their Faculty for review and advice on program matters requiring administrative or faculty approval. All recommendations of the director with regard to matters such as personnel, curriculum, or facilities shall be made to the appropriate Associate Dean, who will assist in determining which recommendations should be referred to the Dean of the College or a faculty committee before referral to the President or a faculty committee for final approval where this is required.

C.  Specific Responsibilities

  1. Program management:
  • Manage program budgets, website, and teaching schedules.
  • Prepare catalog copy and annual reports about the program.
  • Guide the development of the program, including regular assessment activities and program reviews.
  • Work with program faculty and collaborate with other departments and programs in developing appropriate requests for facilities, equipment, supplies, and the administrative support required for effective teaching.
  • Where applicable, prepare annual reports about uses of endowed funds and gifts.
  • Where applicable, supervise student workers and facilitate program activities.

2.  Work with students and alumni:

  • Coordinate efforts within the program concerning current and prospective students, such as monitoring enrollments, advising potential majors and/or concentrators, and checking degree audits.
  • Certify majors and/or concentrators.
  • Coordinate program efforts with Admissions and Alumni and Parent Relations.

3.  Work with faculty:

  • Recruit and recommend the appointment of faculty members for the program, giving proper attention in their selection to demonstrated or potential teaching abilities.
  • Consult and collaborate with other departments and programs, as appropriate, to fill staffing needs.
  • Evaluate teaching competence and other contributions of faculty in the program and collaborate with other departments and programs, as appropriate, in making recommendations for reappointment, renewal, or tenure and promotion. Coordinate with faculty member being reviewed by home department(s).
  • Where applicable, facilitate professional development opportunities for faculty teaching in the program.

 Approved by faculty February 8, 2018