Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum

St. Olaf College’s interdisciplinary FLAC program provides students with opportunities to enrich knowledge of a foreign language through various disciplines and contexts. By applying foreign language skills, students expand their understanding of a certain disciplines in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences.

During the semester, a student can take an optional foreign language component attached to a core course that highlights a particular subject. FLAC currently offers courses in Asian studies, Latin American studies, history, music, political science, religion, and sociology/anthropology.


Sign up for both the core course and the accompanying foreign language component (FLC). The core course carries 1.00 credit and the FLC an additional .25 credit. In most instances the FLC does not have a published meeting day and time. This meeting time will be arranged at the first meeting of the core course.


Students are awarded certification of applied foreign language competence (AFLC) on their transcripts after successful completion of two FLAC courses. The AFLC certification recognizes students’ “applied” competencies and may be of interest to graduate schools or potential employers.