What is FLAC?

FLAC (Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum), an interdisciplinary program, allows students to study a foreign language alongside another subject. During the semester, students can take an optional foreign language component attached to a core course.

Core course: A traditional St. Olaf course highlighting a particular subject.

FLAC currently offers courses in the following disciplines:

Foreign Language Component (FLC)

In a foreign language component, students meet once a week for one hour with a language professor to discuss core course materials in the target language. In some components, students read materials in the target language and discuss them in English with their professor.  The FLC provides an additional .25 credit.
Foreign languages offered:

Foreign Language Component Models:

  1. Paired-Instructor model: A foreign language professor maintains and oversees the foreign language component; the core course professor often attends as a participant.
  2. Single-Instructor model: The professor of the core course is also responsible for the foreign language component.
  3. Readings Enriched model: The professor of the core course leads discussion in English of materials read in foreign languages.

Why participate in FLAC?

  • Deepen understanding of a discipline
  • Use and improve oral language skills
  • Fulfill GE and/or major requirements
  • Prepare for study abroad

Eligibility: Completion of the foreign language requirement in the target language.

Registration: Register for both the core course (1.00 credit) AND the foreign language component (.25 credit). Usually, the FLC meeting day and time is unlisted or TBA; this will be arranged at the first meeting of the core course.

FLAC Certification: After successful completion of two foreign language components, students achieve “applied foreign language competency.” This achievement is then listed on the student’s official St. Olaf transcript.