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Students who study Spanish become explorers in many dimensions. They discover, among other things, that Spanish represents less an alternative means for expressing what we see and think, than a cultural lens predisposing and empowering its speakers to see and think in unique ways.

Meet Our Department

Spanish Program, Department of Romance Languages

The Spanish faculty is committed to making the Spanish language and Hispanic literatures and cultures come alive for our students. Our immediate objective is to help students learn to communicate effectively in Spanish and to appreciate the cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity of the Latin American, Spanish, U.S. Latino/a and Hispanic-influenced cultures in general. We therefore offer a wide variety of courses in language, linguistics, literature, and culture that focus on the past and present of Spain, Latin America, and the Hispanic U.S. In addition, we encourage students to study in Spain or Latin America and to experience Hispanic cultures first hand.


most spoken language in the world


million spanish speakers in the United States


out of 8 Fulbright grantees were Spanish majors

Check out Instagram

Check out Instagram

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La Mesa

La Mesa

To encourage students to speak Spanish outside the classroom, the department organizes a weekly Spanish conversation table open to everyone wishing to speak Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere.

La Familia Ñ

La Familia Ñ

Are you a Spanish major? If so, then you are part of la familia Ñ! Claim your Ñ button and wear it with orgullo!

La Casa Hispanica

La Casa Hispanica

La Casa Hispánica serves as a venue for lectures, films, musical groups and social activities with Hispanic themes and is facilitated by a resident speaker of Spanish.