Helpful Links for Incoming Students

Here are some internet links that may be helpful in preparation for your entrance into and permanence in the Spanish courses at St. Olaf:


Enciclopedia Virtual Icarito
Can be consulted on diverse areas such as astronomy, history, mathematics, human sciences, etc

Real Academia Española de la Lengua
An updated dictionary that can be consulted in case of doubts or to amplify information about the Spanish language.

A general dictionary of the Spanish language. Can be used to look up the definition of a word and the translation of the word from Spanish to English and viceversa.

Press and Media

Radio Ambulante
A Spanish-language podcast distributed by NPR, telling Latin American stories from wherever Spanish is spoken.

Hispanidad @
An edited newspaper from Spain with general information: latest news, personals, opinions, new ideas.

La Nación, Buenos Aires
From Argentina, with different sections: edition, front page, all titles, previous editions, opinion, economy, politics, general info, exterior, sports, special interests, weather, Usted opina. It has a browser and various other services.

El País
Electronic newspaper in Spanish.


All the news of the famous North American news station, now available in Spanish. The page is presented in the following format: most important news of the day, other headings and top stories, numbered on a list. It offers various services: index, search, help, mail, Ver lo que hay en CNN TV, horóscopo.

From Mexico; ¡Con alma latina!, the Galavisión page takes from the following categories: schedules, movies, comedy, sports, music, news, novels, bilingual programming, and more. It also offers links to other sites and the opportunity to choose a program based on its title.