Languages & Translations


The Hong Kierkegaard Library seeks to provide a welcoming environment for all scholars. In our effort to expand and diversify our collection, we are proud to announce that we host approximately 20,000 texts in over twenty different languages. We have translations of Kierkegaard’s original texts in many of the Romance and Germanic languages as well as the Slavic and Uralic. The materials in our Reference Room include an even wider variety.

Check the list below to see all of the languages we offer. As always, feel free to contact our Assistant Director Eileen Shimota at if there are any languages that you would like to see added to our collection.

Indo-European languages
  • Romance Languages
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • French
    • Italian
    • Romanian
  • Germanic Languages
    • Norwegian
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • German
  • Slavic Languages
    • Czech
    • Slovak
  • Chinese
uRALIC Languages
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
“Classical” LANGUAGES
  • Latin
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
Other languages
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean