The Kierkegaard Newsletter is a periodical newsletter published by the Hong Kierkegaard Library in partnership with St. Olaf College. The Newsletter gives an overview of upcoming events and provides public access to recent publications related to Kierkegaard and, more broadly, existentialist thought.

The current issue  SK Newsletter Summer 2022. For previous issues, please expand the list below. Our archives cover every issue published since the Newsletter’s conception nearly fifty years ago.

Archived Issues: 1979 - present


Printed copies of the archived Newsletters will be mailed upon special request. For information on contributions and Newsletter publications, contact Curator Associate Professor Anna Söderquist.


The Hong Kierkegaard Library maintains a list of works published by the Kierkegaard House Fellows. Each year, the Hong Kierkegaard Library invites a hand-picked group of scholars to join the Fellow’s program and live on the St. Olaf College campus for a full year, starting in early September and lasting through the end of August the following year. The Fellows spend their time advancing their research projects and engaging with the unique resources offered by the Hong Kierkegaard Library.


The Hongs centered their translation and publication of the multi-volume series entitled Kierkegaard’s Writings in the Library for a number of years. This effort was completed in May of 2000 with the publication of Cumulative Index to Kierkegaard’s Writings, volume twenty six. Copies of Kierkegaard’s Writings can be found online or in the official St. Olaf College Bookstore located in Buntrock Commons.