Visiting Scholars Program


Kierkegaard scholars are invited to conduct their own research at the Kierkegaard Library during both the academic and summer months! Scholars with support from their own institutions or grant-funded projects are welcome at the Hong Kierkegaard Library to use its resources and converse with other visiting scholars. Often there is an opportunity to stay at the Kierkegaard House while studying in the Library. There is also the possibility of obtaining housing on the St. Olaf campus depending upon the circumstances of individual scholars and the dates involved.

“With over 20,000 materials relevant to Kierkegaard, our library offers all scholars the opportunity to settle down and dig deeper into existentialist thought.”


For initial inquiries contact Eileen Shimota with a short proposal that states reason and interest for study in the Library. A formal application will include two recommendation letters from faculty and a detailed proposal and curriculum vitae.

2019 – 2020 Visiting Scholars
  • Amber Bowen, USA
  • John Lippet, UK
  • Poul Lubcka, Denmark
  • Simen Simensen, Norway
  • Matías Tapia Wende, Chile
2018 – 2019 Visiting Scholars
  • Andres Albertsen, Argentina
  • Amber Bowen, USA
  • Luke Fox, UK
  • John Lippet, UK