Interfaith Leadership for the 21st Century Workplace Participants

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Interfaith Leadership for the 21st Century Workplace

“People from different religions are distinct in ways that affect workplaces all the time. By workplaces I mean hospitals, I mean fashion companies, I mean food service, I mean schools… How does religious diversity affect how you’re going to do your job?”

– Eboo Patel, Facilitator for the Interfaith Leadership seminar and Founder and President of Interfaith Youth Core



In the spring of 2021, select St. Olaf students, staff, and faculty participated in a first-of-its kind seminar focused on the importance of recognizing and navigating religious diversity in the workplace and on building interfaith knowledge and skills.
By completing this seminar, these participants will enter the workforce better prepared to work with and serve people across multiple faiths.
Over the course four sessions, participants of the Spring 2021 Interfaith Leadership for the 21st Century Workplace Seminar explored the following interfaith competencies and how they relate to the workplace:
  1. Building a knowledge base/radar screen around issues of religious diversity;
  2. Building relationships across religious and worldview difference;
  3. Creating opportunities to bring together people who orient around religion differently; and
  4. Facilitating interfaith conversations with a religiously diverse group.
Interfaith Leadership Seminar Participants:
Iya Abdulkarim Michel Gonzalez Hernandez Hannah Omodt
Sam Bailey Jose Gonzalez Ramirez Mia Pylkkanen
Anna Barnard Katie Gunn Markian Romanyshyn
Holly Beck Viveka Hall-Holt Marissa Ruppe
Kristell Benson Mehek Jahan Luke Sargent
Megan Carmès David Johnson Jill Sauber
Jordan Castillo Annalissa Lane Jillian Sparks
Emily Cerimele Andreas Lin Venus Su
Norma Charlton Fricka Lindemann Emily Trendle
Gladys Cortes Kaityln Miller Julia Walter
Emily Crosby Lehmann Leini Miranda Michon Weeks
Noah Elbaor Lily Nestor Monica Wohlhuter
Abby Engbrecht Hannah Niederman Alexandra Wolner
Jené Flittie Jill Olstad

The participants listed above fulfilled all the requirements of this seminar by attending all four sessions and completing an Interfaith Skills and Knowledge Pre- and Post-Assessment.